When MZC first emerged in 1970, the woodworks industry was a tough one to cope with as it relied mostly on work done by hand. In those days, a single door frame required considerable effort, products needed much more time to be perfected. Now, hundreds of doors, frames, panels, wardrobes and more are being produced on a daily basis whilst requiring substantially less man power.

Having endured the harder times and thrived into what we are now, we value hard and honest work to provide professional and expert standard services and end products.

Friendship is somewhat a foreign term in business, however we have always believed that it improves cooperation and understanding between organizations. This ultimately leads to highly successful and more enjoyable ventures.

Trust, transparency and integrity are held in high regard at MZC. It is traits like these that promote quality business.

Over the decades we have witnessed the United Arab Emirates flourish and prosper before our eyes. Humbly contributing to this tremendous growth in the best way we know how, door by door, frame by frame, has always been and still is a privilege and honor for us at MZC.

We feel compelled to treat this great nation and its business community with gratitude and respect.