In 1968, a young man facing financial hardships took a chance at a better life for his family and himself. Leaving behind everything he knew, Mazhar El Zein risked what little he had when he embarked on a journey to a place he knew nothing about. Upon arrival to what is now the United Arab Emirates, he began working with the Arabian Construction Company as a subcontractor with nothing but paltry tools, a few workers and his expertise at his disposal.

Over 45 years later and against all odds, Mazhar El Zein Carpentry (MZC) is now one of the oldest and most respected joinery firms in the UAE.

Founded and run to this day by actual carpenters, quintessential woodwork and age old experience is evident in everything we do. And while nearly five decades has brought about much change to MZC and carpentry as a whole, the quality standard on which the company was established is set in stone.

Today, it brings us great pride to say that our work can be found everywhere in Abu Dhabi and many of its most remarkable and salient structures and palaces. Furthermore, it is with great pleasure that we continue to operate with some of the region’s most renowned contractors and consultants to incorporate premium joinery into awesome structures.